How do I know Walker Glantz is a good fit for my business?

How do I know Walker Glantz is a good fit for my business?

You’re looking for the perfect accounting firm. The trouble is, what makes an accountant perfect for one business owner can be a dealbreaker for another. And while you’ve read all about the benefits of an outsourced accounting solution, you don’t have the time to “date” around to try and find the right match.

We’re great at what we do here at Walker Glantz [WG], because we’ve tailored what we do to a specific kind of business. Here’s what makes us the perfect firm for you: 

You’re in our niche 

Our ideal clients are: entrepreneurs with technical expertise, start-ups, professional service providers, consultants, and digital content creators. We understand the unique needs and challenges these types of businesses will face through all its stages of development, from seed, to early growth, and expansion. If you’re looking for the clarity and confidence that reliable numbers can give you, then look no further.

If, on the other hand, you’re in construction or a company with complex inventory needs, we’re not gonna be a good match. There are firms that niche in this industry and will be a better fit for you!

You’re looking to grow 

Success can look like a lot of different things for different business owners. At WG, we work with forward thinking entrepreneurs who are focused on growth. 

Whether you’re after basic bookkeeping and tax prep in your bootstrapped phase or looking for a full accounting team that includes tax advisory, WG gives you room to grow through our different levels of service so, wherever your company is in its journey, your accounting needs are met.

You share our values 

Our values are more than pretty words on a webpage. They’re how we choose to live and work every single day, and how we’re able to provide truly exceptional service to our clients.

When our clients share these values, the sky’s the limit. When they don’t, it’s a recipe for failure. We believe in: 

  • Pursuing excellence: Bring your best self. Own your work. Commit to learning.
  • Going the extra mile: Pay attention to detail. Exceed expectations. Offer to help.
  • Showing your smarts: Collaborate. Propose solutions. Think methodically.
  • Leading with kindness: Put people first. Respect and serve others. Find the positive.

You’re looking for a partnership 

WG might be an outsourced accounting firm, but it won’t  feel like one. In fact, our mission is to be so seamlessly integrated and involved with your business that you forget we’re not part of your company.

We are progressive and highly proficient when it comes to integrating tech into your accounting workflow, but we believe that relationships are more important than the tech. The most efficient processes mean nothing if you don’t have a partner who knows all the details of your business and is championing your goals as much as you are.

If WG sounds like the perfect fit for your business, then get started by telling us where you are on your journey. We look forward to getting to know you!