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meets excellence

A CPA firm for entrepreneurs

Get your accounting done and done right

Strategically plan for taxes and find opportunities
for savings

Grow with the backing of a full finance team

Entrepreneurs need peace of mind when it comes to the finances

You’re an innovator with a vision. To run with exciting ideas, you need the financial data to know cash will last.

To grow, you need a tax plan that allows you to reinvest back into the business and preserve wealth.

Walker Glantz exists to help business owners succeed. We’re here to play the long game with you.

Grow strong with all your accounting professionals under one roof

You don’t want to go from your bookkeeper to your controller to your tax preparer giving the same information multiple times. You want to know they are working as a team for you, and the quality of the work is consistent and reliable.

Go further, together

Walker Glantz exists because two entrepreneurs decided to join forces and combine their talented teams of accounting and tax experts.

We believe good partnership allows you to go further and aim higher. Our business is built on this philosophy.


  • Pursue excellence
  • Go the extra mile
  • Show your smarts
  • Lead with kindness

We make sure you have the confidence to make the best decisions for your business

Grow your business methodically, and at the right pace


Service based businesses getting all their finance support in one place


Business owners who have a loyal relationship with their finance team

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You deserve excellence from your CPA firm

Start getting it today. Experience a new level of peace of mind, knowing you have a whole team looking out for your best interests.