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Smart tax strategies

Strategically plan for taxes and find opportunities for savings.

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Scaling up? Our CPAs can help you seamlessly navigate growth

You’re an innovator with a vision. To run with exciting ideas, you need the financial data to know cash will last.

To grow, you need a tax plan that allows you to reinvest back into the business and preserve wealth.

Walker Glantz exists to help business owners succeed. We’re here to play the long game with you.

How one company advanced confidently from seed to growth stage funding with the support of proper GAAP accounting

“The best part of working with Walker Agency is that they take full ownership of the areas they commit to. They are a part of our team and require very little guidance… I recommend them to anyone who wants to regain their peace of mind.”

– Joe Alapat, CEO & Founder, Liongard

Grow strong with comprehensive accounting services under one roof

You don’t want to go from your bookkeeper to your controller to your tax preparer giving the same information multiple times. You want to know they are working as a team for you, and the quality of the work is consistent and reliable.

How to start your journey with our team:



Tell us about yourself and let us know which stage you’re at.


Grab a date and time that works for you.


Talk us through what you need and we’ll tell you how we can help.


Find out the cost and the specifics of what’s included.


Move forward with no-nonsense accounting that simplifies your business.

We make sure you have the confidence to make the best decisions for your business

Grow your business methodically, and at the right pace

You deserve excellence from your CPA firm

Start getting it today. Experience a new level of peace of mind, knowing you have a whole team looking out for your best interests.