What is it like working at WG?

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Researching potential employers is an important part of the interview process. Learning about their values, team, and benefits will save both you and the company time in the hiring process. If you’re reading this, chances are you are considering a career move. Read on to find out who we serve, what we value, and how we hire at WG. 

We are proud of our clients

Many of our clients are growing tech businesses, digital content creators, or service-based companies. They deliver niche services driven by people with technical expertise.They are led by innovative, passionate entrepreneurs – people who work hard, know where they want to go, and depend on our services to help get them there. 

To collaborate with entrepreneurs means building a team that’s ambitious, confident, and has excitement for the future. We love the energy our clients bring to work – it is full of vision and drive. At WG, we want teammates who are motivated by playing a role in our clients’ success.

Our values are at the root of every decision we make

Our values are integral to the success of the firm. They are woven into the execution of our work and who we choose to work with. We know it is crucial that we hire using these values. If you have the same principles, they will be naturally conveyed through your own work, they will show up in client communication, and in interactions within the team. We have seen the impact our employees have on our overall success so we take the time to hire the right people. 

WG’s values are part of everything we do. Our team is key to bringing our values to life.

Pursue excellence

Excellence does not mean perfection, it means striving for healthy achievement and growth. We bring our best selves to work and champion others. There is no ego here and we are continuously learning.

Go the extra mile

As a team, we go above and beyond to help our clients succeed. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve as trusted advisors.

Show your smarts

Our best work is produced by collaboration. We solve complex problems because we are persistent in finding answers. The right technology empowers us to find efficiency and create scalable solutions.

Lead with kindness

We believe kindness encourages collaboration and better problem solving. We pursue genuine, authentic relationships with our clients and with each other. We know everyone is more successful when working in a positive, supportive environment.

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We believe in rewarding the hard work of our team

If you are a smart accounting professional, we know you have many job opportunities. That is why we have made sure our fantastic culture comes with generous benefits; we want our employees to feel valued and have their work recognized accordingly.

Some of the benefits include:

-Generous PTO 

-Remote work opportunities with flexibility

-Leadership opportunities

-Professional development

-Technical training

-Competitive salaries including performance bonuses

-Medical / Dental / Vision / 401k

Head to the talent page on our website to read more about specific roles and their benefits.

What is WG’s hiring process like?

We have a multiple step hiring process that starts with your resume. We’ll conduct a short “get to know you” interview and ask you to complete a skills assessment appropriate for the position you are applying for. The next phase is a team interview so you can get to know us and meet the people you’ll be working with. The final step is an interview with a partner.

Whether we are actively recruiting or not, we know talent when we see it. Start by telling us a bit about yourself and we will go from there.

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The extra mile

We love when candidates come prepared with questions, opinions on tech, and thoughts on accounting processes. We want to hear about the vision they have for achievement and how they’d put that into action while working with us. We want candidates to really consider if we are the right fit for them. When you come to work for WG, we want you to stay, make a difference for our clients, and know that your work is meaningful and appreciated.

Does this sound like you?

Be a part of something excellent. Click here to read what our team says about us and kick off the first stage of our hiring process.