Do I need to hire an accountant for my tech startup or is outsourcing a better option?

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In all our experience working with startup founders, we know one thing for sure. You move fast, and you want your back office to move at the same speed you do. 

Because of the world you operate in and your desire to scale rapidly, you’re looking for a modern, secure accounting process that’s going to grow with you. You might not know exactly what that looks like, but you’re probably feeling the pain of not having it. 

You may have hired accounting staff before but…

  • Accountants who aren’t experienced in the startup world just don’t get what you need
  • You’re hesitant to hire in-house because you don’t feel you have the time for training

You want fast support that can efficiently deal with the now – making sure you’re ticking the compliance boxes for investors and lenders. But can also anticipate what’s coming, knowing when you’re levelling up, and producing the kind of accounting work needed to get there. 

The question is – can all of that support and expertise be found in one hire? Your experience is probably telling you “no.” So let’s talk about the alternative option. 

Here are five reasons why outsourcing can help tech startup businesses grow faster 

  1. You get an immediate tried-and-tested compliance process

The beauty of working with an outsourced accounting team like Walker Agency, is you can let the back office get to work for you without needing to provide too much input. You do what you’re good at to grow the business, and we’ll use our expertise to do our part.

No matter who you hire in the business as an employee, you’ll have to spend time training and making some of the important decisions an outsourced team has already made for you. “Which software will they use and what will it cost? Will they need training in various areas if they haven’t had as much experience with your niche? Who will provide that training?”

With an outsourced department, the systems and processes already exist and have been honed and improved based on the needs of your industry. You won’t have the problem of wondering whether your employee knows what they’re doing, or is doing the right things for your business. 

From day one of working with us you get an accounting process that ensures compliance. We’ve got all your obligations covered. You don’t have to be the accountant (or the accountant’s manager) here. 

  1. You’ll be minimizing your overhead costs by choosing an outsourced department

An accounting department is an overhead cost – it doesn’t produce a revenue. When you hire an accountant as an employee, that overhead cost goes up dramatically. 

For starters, you have all those extra legal requirements as an employer – employer taxes, employee benefits, etc. On top of that, as we covered in point 1, you’ll also need to factor in the costs included in the role – the software and equipment the employee would need to do their job. 

With outsourcing, all the efficiencies are built in. The software is chosen and paid for and the systems and processes are already there. You don’t need to worry about sick pay, vacation time, or medical leave. We’ve got those covered, too. That’s our cost to bear, not yours. 

  1. You get a team’s worth of expertise and value for the cost of one employee

Probably the most important point to consider. When you hire an outsourced accounting team like Walker Agency, you’re getting a department for about the cost of one employee. 

One more time for the multi-tasking tech owner at the back: you’re getting a department for about the cost of one employee. 

One of our much-loved clients recently said “I’m getting a controller, and an AR person, a AP person, and a payroll person for the cost of a controller – and all of you are great at what you do!” 

Our automation expertise means we can do the work so efficiently, you don’t need a full time person. You have access to the real-time data you need to run your business, but on top of that, we’ll help you create your success story by working like a part of your team. You get to use all our knowledge and experience to help you solve problems and level up. 

The tech is great, but we believe relationships are greater. 

P.S. if you want to know a little more about the team itself – here we are!

  1. You get our “startup world” experience 

At Walker Agency, we work with lots of businesses like yours. We’ve seen the needs, problems, desires, and roadblocks you face. We know there are plenty of things you know, but there are some things outside your expertise that you want help with, like:

  • Control of all the money coming in and going out. And, making sure the sales are collected and actually deposited into your bank account.
  • Accurate commissions calculations and payouts for your hard-working sales department
  • What to do about sales tax
  • Short term credit options in between rounds of funding
  • Compliance and due diligence support for data rooms and audits
  • Hiring employees in multiple states

Knowing you’ll need support with these things is a given to us, but it may not be to you (or to other accountants with specialties in other areas or industries). We want to make sure you have the brain space to create the product and do what you do, without worrying about what you don’t know… you know?

Right now, you’re wearing too many hats

Consider taking one off and letting us help out. You can keep moving at the pace you’re going at without needing to slow down to find, train, and keep an accounting employee. 

The thing is, you may be moving at a fast pace, but if you’re not using your numbers to run your business you could be running into all kinds of money surprises. We can get in there and help you immediately, saving your sanity now and plenty of your precious time in the long run. 

Sound good? Talk to us. No fuss, no drama. We’re ready when you are.