The story behind the Walker Glantz merger

walker glantz team

We’re excited to announce that Walker Agency and Launch Consulting have joined forces to become Walker Glantz.

This blog will give you the background behind the merger and how things will operate going forward, so you know exactly what this means for you.

Walker Agency and Launch Consulting have been working together for many years already

Amy Walker and Paul Glantz are two entrepreneurs who came together to create the best accounting solution for their clients.

Paul and Amy met while on Intuit’s Accountants Council and quickly became friends, finding they shared the same values and passion for high quality service. They began working together by referring services to each other’s clients.

As a team, we found we could provide the best holistic support to our clients, and after much consideration we decided it made sense to join forces on a permanent basis. We’re really excited to introduce new clients to our expanded team, and everything they have to offer. You can get to know the team already by checking out our team page here.

We believe good partnership allows you to go further and aim higher. Walker Glantz is built on this philosophy.

Client care has always been at the heart of both Walker Agency and Launch Consulting. Together, we’re committed to finding the best solutions and providing the best possible services so our clients succeed.

As one business, you get the benefit of having all your finance services and professionals under one roof. You can feel confident your business and financial needs are fully taken care of by one united team.

When you work with Walker Glantz, you’ll now have access to a full suite of accounting services including:

-Tax Compliance
-Strategic Tax Planning
-Fractional CFO Services
-Accounting and Advisory Services
-Payroll Advisory
-Financial Planning

For current clients, this just means more opportunity!

Caring for our teams is as important as caring for our clients

To do our best work for you, we know our teams need to feel fulfilled and happy. A secondary part of our mission is to be a great place for people to work. We want our team to love their job and feel good about the impact they’re having.

As owners, you can expect us to treat our employees, clients and each other the same. Holding true to our combined values.

Those values are:

Pursue excellence – Bring your best self. Own your work. Commit to learning.

Excellence doesn’t mean perfectionism, it means striving for healthy achievement and growth. We bring our best selves to work and champion others. There’s no ego here, we’re continuously learning.

Go the extra mile – Pay attention to detail. Exceed expectations. Offer to help.

As a team, we go above and beyond to help our clients succeed. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to serve as trusted advisors.

Show your smarts – Collaborate. Propose solutions. Think methodically.

Our best work is produced by collaboration. We solve complex problems because we’re persistent in finding answers. The right technology empowers us to find efficiency and create scalable solutions.

Lead with kindness – Put people first. Respect and serve others. Find the positive.

We believe kindness encourages collaboration and better problem solving.  We pursue genuine, authentic relationships with our clients and with each other. We know everyone is more successful when working in a positive, supportive environment.

We’re really excited to share our new brand with the world.

Here’s the background behind our logo changes.

Are you getting excellence from your CPA team?

If you find it stressful going to several different professionals for financial support, let’s look at how a holistic approach can help you. You deserve the freedom to focus on scaling your business, knowing you’re running on the best advice and your finances are covered from all angles.

Take a look around our new site and see what we can do. Our team is here to talk whenever you’re ready.