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How can I track and reimburse my tech company’s expenses?

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Whether your tech company is a week, a year, or a decade old, managing expenses is an important step in staying compliant and staying profitable. Especially once employees and contractors start spending money on your behalf, you need to make sure they’re spending wisely and backing it all up with a receipt. If not, you […]

How do I know Walker Agency is a good fit for my business?

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You’re looking for the perfect accounting agency. The trouble is, what makes an accountant perfect for one business owner can be an automatic dealbreaker for another. And while you’ve read all about the benefits of an outsourced accounting solution, you don’t have the time to “date” around to try and find the right match.  We’re […]

Do I need to hire an accountant for my tech startup or is outsourcing a better option?

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In all our experience working with startup founders, we know one thing for sure. You move fast, and you want your back office to move at the same speed you do.  Because of the world you operate in and your desire to scale rapidly, you’re looking for a modern, secure accounting process that’s going to […]