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3 Tips For Making 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC Filing A Breeze This January

Updated for 2020: As the 2020 tax filing season approaches, it’s important to get organized to ensure timely filing of your informational returns. New for 2020 is Form 1099-NEC, which will now be used to report Non-Employee compensation. Here’s three tips to help you get organized, avoid penalties, and ensure accuracy of your filings. Ensure […]

Tax Deadline Reminder: 2014 Forms 1099

Almost halfway through January, the Form 1099-MISC deadline is quickly approaching. Copies of this form are due to the recipient at the end of January (February 2, 2015 for 2014 Forms, since January 31, 2015 is a Saturday) and due to the IRS at the end of February (March 2, 2015, since February 28, 2015 […]