How you inspired our rebrand to Walker Agency

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different for Amy Walker, CPA. 

That’s because… *drum roll* we are no longer Amy Walker, CPA. We’re proud to introduce you to Walker Agency – a new name and a new look to match the vision and values we hold to as a firm. 

As a team, we’re always looking for opportunities for personal growth. It became obvious to us that we were moving forward and our brand was standing still- which was causing a disconnect.

Our brand isn’t all about us – it’s about you, too. We work with growth-oriented clients who share our values, so since you influenced us, we want to share these changes with you. And we thank you for being you!

It’s not just Amy Walker any more

We’re really proud to present our new look to the world. 

Big emphasis on the word “we.” 

Whether you’re a long-standing client of ours or you’ve just walked through the virtual door – you’ll see that nowadays there’s a team of seven, working away to lift the financial burden so you can get your business spark back.

Our biggest challenge as ‘Amy Walker, CPA’ was feeling our name didn’t represent the whole team. At first, Amy was worried about the recommended change to ‘Walker Agency’ – but we’ve grown to love how it combines the old and the new. It nods to our roots, yet welcomes the team into the brand as a collective. 

It was time to show our true personality

Yours and ours.

Our clients are tech savvy, organized and energetic people. They’re remote-friendly and agile, and excited about their growth. We love knowing them personally and we love the kind of work we get to do with them. 

Since a website is like our virtual home, we wanted to create a space that felt like home to our kinds of people. Somewhere they felt seen and heard. There’s a warmth and a comfort to our new logo and site, from colors to layout to words – and that was intentional. We want you to feel relieved, comforted and cared for when you work with us. 

They say you unconsciously choose to work with people who are like you. Well, we consciously choose to work with people who are like us. 

We love working with people who hold true to these values, and you’ll find much of our new branding is centered around these principles:

Accurate, efficient accounting is imperative.
The numbers tell the story of a company. Efficient accounting processes minimize errors and provide our clients with timely data necessary to run their companies.

Personal Relationships > Technology
We create an efficient, nimble accounting process using the most current technology. We help clients create their success stories by personal, attentive service.

Propose a solution.
Enthusiastic problem solvers add value to the client, promote growth for the firm, and create opportunities for personal growth.

We believe in nice.
You’ve just got to be nice to work here. You’ve got to be nice to be our client, too. We’re all more successful when working in a positive, supportive environment.

How are you growing as a business?

To bring our brand vision to life, we enlisted the support of a creative agency that specializes in marketing for accounting firms. Their guidance helped us assess where we were as a firm, and how we needed to grow. 

You might be feeling like you need a second set of eyes on your business to help you get to your next goal or milestone. 

The first thing you’ll see when you visit our home page is a carefully chosen statement:

“Rapidly growing businesses don’t have time for financial drama”

If this is you, let’s not mess around. 

We continue to grow, and we want to help you continue to grow too.